ASAP Kiosk

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Introducing the new ASAP Kiosk

High Touch Technologies provides technology solutions to small and mid-size businesses.  Common ground between High Touch and DAC is the Rent to Own industry.  Many RTO store owners use DAC as a source for sales counters and store displays.  With High Touch being a leader in the point of sale software for the RTO industry, it only made sense for the two companies to come together for this project.

This revolutionary kiosk is the perfect blend of style and functionality. The ASAP kiosk uses a touch screen, built in keyboard and mouse, card reader, and receipt printer, making this unit ideal for browsing catalogs, finalizing sales and making payments. The software can sync to the existing High Touch point of sale software and the design pairs with existing DAC counters and displays, making for a seamless addition to any store. Store owners also have the ability to run customized advertisements on a 32” monitor while at the same time, offering customers an interactive one- stop- shop.

DAC is excited about the partnership and we look forward to working with High Touch and the various customers this unit will serve.