MemberNet TV Kiosk

DAC Products designs a new MemberNet TV Kiosk for Nationwide Marketing Group

DAC recently developed a kiosk specifically for Nationwide’s MemberNet TV.   Nationwide wanted a very sturdy yet visually attractive look while incorporating mobility. The unit is equipped with large heavy duty casters that allow the unit to be moved from one department to another throughout the store. “One of the challenges we faced with the design, was to conceal the modem without blocking the signal, allowing the remote to function correctly,” said Chris Hodges, the Director of Sales and Marketing for DAC.

“We achieved this with the unique shape of the front compartment door. Within this compartment, we included provisions for all power and data management. Every kiosk is delivered fully assembled and includes the Vertical TV Bracket, HDMI Cable, and Surge Protector.”  

The newly designed Kiosk coupled with the right content becomes a powerful selling tool. MemberNet TV offers the right mix of visual and audio to attract customers and keep their attention. This content surpasses the quality found in satellite or cable feeds because it is specifically created to highlight the features of HD flat panel TV’s.

MemberNet TV is produced in Nationwide’s high definition production studios based in Atlanta and delivered directly to Nationwide member stores through the internet. Members can easily create playlists from a library of HD content including movie trailers, nature footage, dramatic scenery, vendor infomercials on popular brand products and sporting events. Members also have the option of creating TV commercials to further customize the content displayed in their stores.

“We are very excited about the partnership with Nationwide Marketing Group and look forward to more projects like this in the future,” said Chris Hodges.