What are Fixtures?

At DAC Products, we define a fixture as a product with a purpose. We design fixtures to be functional, simple, and highly durable. Unlike their display counterparts, fixtures aren’t intended solely to share your business’s message and promote brand awareness. Instead, fixtures are meant to enhance your space and customer experiences through their function and intent.

Display fixtures, store fixtures, and office fixtures encourage customer sales and positive shopping experiences, thanks to their functionality. While custom fixtures and displays have entirely different purposes, their goal is the same – to help clients engage with your products and employees.

As a business owner, it’s essential to have the right fixtures throughout your space, so your clients feel comfortable throughout their shopping experience. Our team understands that the right retail store fixtures, office fixtures, and lobby fixtures encourage these positive experiences. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to create one-of-a-kind retail fixtures that enhance your space, elevate your products, and focus on creating meaningful experiences for your clients.

Design and Manufacturing

Our design and manufacturing process is entirely customer-centric, so our clients can find the best fixtures for their retail space, showroom, or lobby. At DAC Products, we understand that every business and industry is different. That’s why we create fixtures designed to fulfill your clients’ needs, as well as your own.

At DAC Products, our approach is to manufacture fixtures that suit every space. We do this by being completely transparent and maintaining an open line of communication throughout the design and manufacturing process. When you choose to work with us, you won’t just receive high-quality products – you’ll have the personalized customer service experience you deserve. Our process is broken down into a series of steps:

  • • Share your fixture needs with us. After an initial discussion, our team will craft a prototype and share the design.
  • • After receiving customer approval, our team moves forward with the manufacturing process.
  • • Depending on your fixture needs, we’re capable of manufacturing bulk orders, producing fixtures for multiple retail or office locations.
  • • Your business already has a story – our store and office fixtures are here to help you share it.

If you’re ready to add practical, long-lasting display fixtures and retail fixtures to your company, our team is ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Whether your showroom needs a media wall, cash wrap, sales desks, pedestals, or all of the above, together, we can bring your vision to life. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships with our clients and create a wide range of exceptional products.

Custom fixtures to exceed your needs.

What to Expect

As a company, we believe every display should be crafted with care to effectively and efficiently communicate your business brand. For some, that means including a logo, product information, and relevant branding within the display, while others want minimal branding and design. Our job is to help bring your display vision to life, no matter the project’s size and scope. In our mind, every product display is a reflection of your business’s story – and we’re here to help you share it.

DAC Products doesn’t believe in one-dimensional displays. Every one of our product displays, showroom displays, and trade show displays is designed to showcase the best of your business. Our design and manufacturing process is very customer-centric, guaranteeing that our designs reflect your company vision.

Our company believes in total transparency with our customers, which is why we explain our process from the beginning. When you choose to work with DAC, you can expect the following:

  • • Our team only creates displays that match your vision, ranging from standard to fully custom displays.
  • • Once you share your display idea, our team will craft your concept and share the design.
  • • After receiving approval, our team moves forward with the manufacturing process.
  • • Our manufacturing team is capable of manufacturing bulk orders, so we can create as many displays as you’d like.
  • • We believe your products already speak for themselves – we’re just here to get the conversation started.

Ready to begin your display journey with DAC Products? All we need is your business story – together, we’ll share it with the world.

Store Fixtures

If you own a retail space, it’s natural to want retail fixtures and store display fixtures that encourage clients to shop. As a retail fixture and display manufacturing company, we’re capable of creating products that fulfill this need. While we make many different retail store fixtures and retail showroom fixtures, we also offer our clients custom fixture services. These custom services allow us to design and manufacture unique products that fit your specific fixture needs. To us, a fixture is more than a piece of furniture sitting in a storefront. It’s a practical and unique item that’s capable of elevating your space.

At DAC Products, we’ll help you find the best retail and store fixtures for your space by identifying the fixture needs of your storefront. We’re capable of manufacturing the following retail fixtures and store display fixtures:

Sales Counters

A sales countertop is a multi-purpose fixture that’s valuable for various types of retail spaces. This is where clients make a transaction, interact with employees, or store additional products and supplies. Sales counters are configured in a variety of different ways to include the following countertop styles:

  • • Transaction Counters
  • • Storage Counters
  • • Showcase Counters

These retail store fixtures are perfect for employees and clients alike.

Cash Wraps

Cash wraps are another dynamic fixture, perfect for customer transactions and engagement. A cash wrap is where clients can make a purchase, ask a question, or even learn more about your company.


A showcase, also known as a display case, is a store display fixture capable of highlighting specific products. Showcases are ideal for electronics, or small pieces of merchandise, that need to be displayed securely.


An island is a retail fixture that can showcase products, be a point of contact between employees and clients, or even be used to store additional inventory. Islands are suitable for many different industries, including the automotive field, medical field, and other retail establishments.

Sales Desks

While a sales desk’s primary function is to assist with customer deals and transactions, that’s not its only job. A sales desk is also great for fostering relationships between your employees and your clients. At DAC Products, we create the following sales desks:

  • • Flat Desks
  • • Ledged Desks
  • • Closing Tables

However, if you need something more specific for your space, we’re capable of making custom retail displays and retail fixtures for your storefront.

Storage Cabinets

As a business owner, it’s common to have an overflow of products in your retail space or showroom, and nothing is more helpful than a storage cabinet retail fixture. You can place additional inventory, merchandise, or office supplies in these cabinets so they’re still accessible to employees.

Media Walls

If you’re in the electronics business and need assistance showcasing your products, our media walls are the perfect solution. This practical store display fixture is designed to display televisions with ease while remaining incredibly functional. Plus, our media walls are 100% configurable for your space, so depending on the size of your showroom or storefront, we can manufacture media walls that fit your needs.


One of the best retail display fixtures for those in the automotive industry is a pedestal. Pedestals are great for showcasing tires and other automotive accessories in your showroom. We can include relevant graphics, signage, and branding within the fixture to help your products tell their story.

Take your space to the next level.

Office Fixtures

Creating a highly functional office space takes more than careful planning and organization – it also requires the right office fixtures. At DAC Products, we understand that crafting a productive workspace is an essential part of your business. Our mission is to create comfortable yet functional office fixtures that foster a healthy environment for employees and clients.

At DAC Products, our team can design and manufacture highly durable and practical fixtures based on the needs of your workspace. We understand that every business’s needs are different. While we currently manufacture various office fixtures for business owners, we also provide custom fixture services. If you have to adhere to specific dimensions within your building, we can tailor our fixtures to suit your needs with ease.

The best part? We’re capable of manufacturing your fixtures in bulk! If you require a large number of desks, cabinets, or storage for your company, our team can produce what you need. No matter the size or scope of your fixture needs, our team of trusted professionals is ready to build your custom office fixtures.

Office Desks and Returns

Creating positive employee and customer experiences is an essential part of any business, and nothing helps these experiences quite like an office desk. While a desk is a place to work, it’s also where clients can make a purchase, return, or ask a question. They also give your employees a chance to create a productive and positive work environment. Office desks are a functional fixture for employees and clients alike, providing a space for them to conduct business and interact with one another.

If your retail space, showroom, or company requires office desks on the floor or in a backroom, DAC Products is here to help.

Wall-Mount Cabinets 

If you need a practical office fixture that keeps your space organized, nothing does the job like a wall-mount cabinet. Wall-mount cabinets are ideal for storing store policy information, essential documents, or even additional supplies. They can be installed behind office desks or sales desks, or even in a storeroom. Best of all, wall-mount cabinets help free up your showroom floor space, so you include additional office fixtures in your business.

File Cabinets

Filing cabinets are a practical office fixture that provides long-term storage for businesses. Essential documents, paperwork, and other files will remain secure behind the protection of a filing cabinet.

At DAC Products, we can produce the number of filing cabinets and other office fixtures needed to complete your space with ease. Just inform us of your business requirements, and our team will take care of the rest.

Storage Cabinets

There’s no such thing as too much storage when it comes to a showroom or retail space. At DAC Products, we understand the importance of storing your belongings, especially when it involves documentation, store policies, or additional merchandise. Our storage cabinets are ideal for keeping your items organized and sorted.

Maximize your product exposure.

Lobby Fixtures

If your retail space, showroom, or company building has a lobby, it’s typically the first point of contact clients have with your business. A solid first impression matters, and in times like these, it’s best to have practical display fixtures available for your clients. If you’re looking to fill this area with functional but customer-friendly fixtures, DAC Products has the solutions you’ve been searching for. Our team of designers can create many types of retail and display fixtures and help you find the best solutions for your lobby.

Informational Kiosks

At DAC Products, we love creating innovative solutions for our clients, and nothing is as effective and customer service-oriented as an informational kiosk. As a display fixture, an informational kiosk is perfect for keeping your clients educated and engaged with your business. When your employees are busy tending to others, or if a customer prefers to find product answers on their own, an informational kiosk is the best solution for their needs.

Gaming Kiosks

If you need to entertain clients or relay information quickly, a gaming kiosk is the perfect display fixture for your lobby. As a display fixture, gaming kiosks are ideal for keeping your clients entertained while waiting for service or allowing them to learn more about your business.

Retail Showroom Fixtures

A showroom is a place to exhibit your products; however, no showroom is complete without the right fixtures. Even though your products do most of the talking, nothing continues the conversation quite like a retail showroom fixture. Whether that means including sales counters, cash wraps, or sales desks throughout your space, it’s essential to find the showroom configuration that works for your business.

At DAC Products, we understand that every industry’s needs are different, as well as your space. That’s why as a part of our services, we don’t just design and manufacture retail showroom fixtures. We’ll also help you find the configuration that suits your showroom, so you feel confident in its layout.

Besides creating retail showroom fixtures, our team also builds custom product displays that help showcase your products. Depending on your business’s needs, we can develop custom displays for your space, in addition to any custom display fixtures you require. We combine innovative display solutions with practical fixtures to help our clients create a welcoming and informative showroom.

Trade Show Fixtures

If you find yourself in need of display fixtures or retail fixtures during trade show season, our team is here to help. Even though we specialize in creating retail, office, and lobby fixtures, we can adapt our designs to suit life on the road. Our functional and durable fixtures are ideal for conducting business. Simply select the most practical fixtures for your needs, and our team will take care of the rest.

No matter your line of work, it’s essential to have a place to interact with clients during trade show season, and that’s what our products are designed to do. If you’re also looking for a way to display your products on the road, we specialize in displays for trade shows. Now, you can create a custom trade show display that reflects your business brand while showcasing your products.

Our Promise to You

As a company, DAC Products was founded on four principles: commitment, compassion, honesty, and integrity. Since our founding, we’ve applied these principles in every facet of our business. Our mission isn’t just to create display fixtures, retail fixtures, and store display fixtures. It’s to find long-term solutions that help grow your business.

Part of our business philosophy is to deliver consistent, high-quality results to our clients while maintaining an open line of communication. If a complication does arise or we have an update on your project, our team contacts you directly. At DAC Products, we promise to deliver:

  • • Pricing Transparency
  • • Accurate Lead Times
  • • Responsive Customer Service
  • • Quality Craftsmanship
  • • Bulk-Ordering
  • • Long-Lasting Relationships

We’re not here to simply create products – we’re here to build long-lasting relationships with our clients, one fixture at a time. No matter the size or scope of your order or design idea, DAC Products is ready to bring your vision to life.

Creativity is our calling. If you’re ready to discover what we’re capable of, there’s no better time to Request a Quote.

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