Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. We can facilitate all shipment logistics using one of our trusted carriers.

No. You’ll pay what you see on your quote; no “skid-fees” here.

No. Unless otherwise arranged, our average lead time is 20 working days.

No. We design, build and ship our products.

Yes. We can ship accessory components directly from our suppliers.

Yes. We can store our orders for up to 30 days without fees.

Yes. Given we can source the material – know that it will affect price.

Display Specific

Yes. Our display products require varying levels of assembly.

Yes. We can adjust product openings within certain limitations.

Yes. Depending on what you have in mind.

No. Unless otherwise noted, our displays are intended for indoor use only.

Fixture Specific

No. Unless otherwise noted, our fixture products come fully assembled.

Yes. Depending on your budget and what you have in mind.

No. Our fixtures are intended for use in store, office and lobby environments.

Graphics & Signage

Yes. We offer on-demand multi-substrate printing services.

No. We don’t offer art creation or graphic design services. However, we can prep and/or adjust existing files as needed.

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