What is a Display?

At DAC, we define a display as something that showcases a product. The purpose of a display is to promote brand awareness, enforce your business’s message, and encourage sales. Displays can be multi-dimensional, interactive, or simple in their design. When it comes to creating displays, there is no limit to what’s possible!

As a company, we believe every display should be crafted with care to effectively and efficiently communicate your business brand. For some, that means including a logo, product information, and relevant branding within the display, while others want minimal branding and design. Our job is to help bring your display vision to life, no matter the project’s size and scope. In our mind, every product display is a reflection of your business’s story – and we’re here to help you share it.

DAC Products doesn’t believe in one-dimensional displays. Every one of our product displays, showroom displays, and trade show displays is designed to showcase the best of your business. Our design and manufacturing process is very customer-centric, guaranteeing that our designs reflect your company vision.

Our company believes in total transparency with our customers, which is why we explain our process from the beginning. When you choose to work with DAC, you can expect the following:

  • • Our team only creates displays that match your vision, ranging from standard to fully custom displays.
  • • Once you share your display idea, our team will craft your concept and share the design.
  • • After receiving approval, our team moves forward with the manufacturing process.
  • • Our manufacturing team is capable of manufacturing bulk orders, so we can create as many displays as you’d like.
  • • We believe your products already speak for themselves – we’re just here to get the conversation started.

Ready to begin your display journey with DAC Products? All we need is your business story – together, we’ll share it with the world.

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Window Displays

If you’re in the business of selling windows, you understand that it takes more than a picture, sketch, or description to showcase what your product is capable of. Your customers want to know more about the durability, design, and overall performance of your windows. When words fail, a window display can showcase your product’s features, appearance, and integrity, so your customers know exactly what they’re getting.

As window display manufacturers, we understand that your window is more than a product – it’s a piece of someone’s home or commercial space. As such, it deserves a display that showcases that significance and gives customers the opportunity to get to know your product.

At DAC Products, our window displays are designed to let customers view, touch, and truly experience your product. This way, they can visualize what it will look like in someone’s home or office. 

We can create any kind of window display you have in mind, but some of our work includes:

  • • Rolling Window Displays
  • • Stationary Window Stands
  • • Column & Wall Systems 
  • • Brand-Specific Displays

Our displays can be adjusted to house the full range of window types, including single-hung, double-hung, casement, slider, picture, twin, awning, hopper, bay/bow, garden, and many more.  Your customers will be able to see the craftsmanship of your windows from every angle

Additionally, all of our window displays are designed with appropriate signage, graphics, and relevant product information. Want to share your company origin? Along the side of your display, we can include concise text about your company and products to increase brand awareness.

In our eyes, every great window display is compatible with any space – including a showroom or trade show. That’s why we take the time to design our window displays carefully and with the utmost attention to detail, so your customers see your one-of-a-kind products the minute they walk into a showroom. At DAC Products, we design every window display to be multi-dimensional, and capable of reflecting your branding and products with ease. That’s why we take the time to consult with you, finding the right design solution for your space, before we manufacture your window display.

Don’t know how you’d like to configure your window display? With so many options to choose from, our team can discuss custom configuration methods and styles, so you can find the display that best fits your needs.

Picture perfect displays, every time.

Door Displays

Behind every door is a door manufacturer who’s passionate about their product. At DAC Products, we share that passion and want our door displays to express that to your customers. In our eyes, a door display gives customers the opportunity to interact with your product, so they can see for themselves exactly what makes your doors the best. 

When we design our door displays and door display racks, we focus on making each display compatible with your space. Whether that means creating a multi-product display showcasing your doors or a simple door display rack that lets your customers see your door designs, our team can bring your display vision to life while taking your space into account. We can create a custom door display that fits your needs. However, we have a range of standard options in the following categories:

  • • Entry Door Columns 
  • • Patio Door Columns
  • • Door Slab Stand and Racks
  • • Rolling Door Displays
  • • Column & Wall Systems

Our door display columns are created to showcase the structure and integrity of your product. Your customers will be able to open and close your door display with ease and can learn more about your product while they shop.

Presentation is everything, and at DAC, we want our door displays and fixtures to elevate your already incredible doors. No matter the style or design of your door, our door display racks are built with functionality and integrity, so your product truly shines; our door displays are suitable for a variety of spaces, including showrooms and trade show floors. At DAC, our team of designers craft your showroom displays to be multidimensional, highly accessible and reflect the integrity of your brand. When a customer approaches your door showroom display, the first thing they’ll notice is your product. Our showroom display is there to highlight your incredible doors, not steal the spotlight while showcasing everything your business has to offer. If you have specific display needs regarding your showroom, or an upcoming event, we can work with you to find the best solution.

As door display manufacturers, every display is crafted with care, thanks to our forward-thinking engineering and fabrication process. Whether you want a standard fixture or a unique display that fully captures your brand, DAC Products is capable of creating the perfect door display for your showroom.

Multi Product Displays

Like the idea of showcasing your windows, doors, and more at the same time? We have solutions! A multi-product showroom display is a perfect way to showcase your craftsmanship in one location and give your customers the best experience possible. Instead of flipping through the pages of a catalog or brochure, they’ll be able to see your products in action.

Curious how we showcase your doors and windows at once? By creating multi-product window and door displays. Our multi-product displays are capable of presenting your work on a whole new level, so customers can see how incredible your windows and door genuinely are. These dynamic arrangements let your door and window displays flow seamlessly together, fully captivating your customer’s attention. 

Our standard option for multi-product displays is our ‘I-Design’ series, which can be configured in seemingly endless arrangements. We build each display around your specifications, taking your product and space into account. Our multi-product displays are perfect for showrooms and trade shows, elevating the structure and design of your products. If you have specific requirements based on the size of your showroom, or other unique multi-display needs, our team will work with you to create the best display for your products. 

We understand that a large part of your display isn’t just your products – it’s your brand. Part of our process includes manufacturing your products to include graphics and signage. Adding your business brand, or sharing your story, has never been easier.

Multi-Product Displays Complete the Picture

If you need to showcase multiple products at once, our multi-product displays present your work on a whole new level. These dynamic arrangements let your door and window displays flow seamlessly together, fully captivating the customer’s attention. Our multi-product displays include our I-Design series display, Y-Displays for doors and windows, column displays, and other custom display options. Each one of these displays is built to last, so you can showcase your products for years to come.

Showroom Displays

Showrooms are the perfect place to exhibit your products; however, it’s essential to have the right showroom display to present your work. As showroom display designers, DAC Products understands that it takes precision, design depth, and total transparency to create the best showroom displays possible. That’s why when you choose to work with our team, we take the time to listen to your design ideas and manufacture products that showcase your work the way you want.

In our minds, there is no such thing as a one size fits all display. That’s why we take the time to create custom showroom displays for all our customers. We’ve produced countless rolling window displays and door displays, but our team is capable of bringing your precise vision to life. 

As part of our showroom display design process and approach, we begin by creating a prototype of your showroom display design. This allows our customers to envision their windows, doors, tires, medical supplies, and other display products. Once you’ve approved your prototype, we’ll get to work creating your showroom displays and showroom fixtures.

The best part? Our services go well beyond manufacturing your custom showroom displays. We also assist with showroom layouts, incorporating graphics and signage, and coordinating other logistics. Once your showroom displays are ready to go, we can coordinate display delivery.

If you’re in the automotive, healthcare, technology field, or the building industry, our team is here to assist. Our showroom displays can include a vast array of products, including:

  • • Window and Door Showroom Displays
  • • Multi-Product Displays
  • • Custom Showroom Displays

Every industry is different – no matter your showroom display needs, our team is ready to bring your vision to life.

Trade Show Displays

Depending on your industry, participating in trade shows may be a significant part of your business.  However, that doesn’t mean you should have to remove displays from your showroom. If you need to take your displays on the road, a trade show display is the solution you’ve been looking for.

We design our displays for trade shows to be innovative, durable, and compact. We make our trade show displays easy to unpack and arrange, so you can create the trade show display you see fit. In our minds, transporting displays for trade shows is enough work already. Configuring your trade show display should be simple.

As trade show booth manufacturers, we’re equipped to create displays that fit your industry’s needs. A custom trade show display isn’t too much for our team! Plus, if you need assistance configuring your perfect trade show display our designers can help you find the right layout and design for your needs, so you can reuse them as much as you need.

Any more perks? We offer bulk ordering! Depending on your needs, we can manufacture trade show displays in bulk. Now, it’s easier than ever to feel prepared for your upcoming trade show season.

Picture perfect displays, every time.

DAC Products is where Innovation meets Authenticity

Finding the right window, door, and showroom display design for your products is easier said than done. At DAC Products, our approach is unique compared to other display manufacturers. Our team of dedicated professionals takes the time to collaborate with our customers, presenting designs that represent their business brand and are willing to be as hands-on as the customer wants throughout the process. Plus, we provide our customers with consistent lead times, so they know when to expect our displays

As a company, we believe in being transparent, committed, compassionate, and fostering strong relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on delivering consistent, high-quality results and having an open line of communication. If a complication does arise, or we have an update on your project, our team contacts you directly. At DAC Products, we promise to deliver:

  • • Pricing Transparency
  • • Accurate Lead Times
  • • Responsive Customer Service
  • • Quality Craftsmanship
  • • Bulk-Ordering
  • • Long-Lasting Relationships

We’re a company that combines innovation with authenticity. In our minds, great products and service shouldn’t be a surprise – it should be an expectation.

Define Your Brand

As a business, we realize how important branding is. As a part of our process, we can modify your displays during the design phase, ensuring they look on-brand and convey a story to your customers.

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