Multi-Product Displays

At DAC Products, we proudly manufacture innovative multi-product displays with integrity to ensure that your business is represented with quality and craftsmanship. If you’re in the window or door production business, we offer several store display systems that will allow you to showcase multiple products in a seamless retail store display. 

There’s nothing more effective than substantial retail display furniture that allows customers to touch, feel, and interact with your products. DAC Products believes in designing beautiful multi-product displays that tell your brand’s story and allow customers to feel a part of a narrative. Windows and doors are commodities that will personalize someone’s home for years to come. Incredible multi-product displays will allow customers to visualize your products in their space and make an informed decision they can cherish as they renovate their homes. 

As a business owner, you know how to make the best possible quality products that customers love. DAC Products strives to display your quality items in our hand-crafted retail store displays to ensure your product gets the spotlight it deserves.

Column Configuration

Our column store display system is adapted to fit your space and includes a configuration of four columns, appropriate graphics, and two horizontal beam kits. With this multi-product column display, you can proudly showcase three windows and/or doors in one flawless structure. Accordingly, customers can see how your products work together to create a beautiful aesthetic for their home or business.

At DAC, no project is too big or small.

The I-Design Series

Our premium I-Design series offers complete customization to show various components and styles of windows and doors. It is made to disassemble easily, transport, and reassemble quickly, making it an efficient asset when you’re setting up your showroom, home show, or trade show booth. Our multi-product options are perfect for window and door showroom displays, making it easier than ever to set up on the go. You can freely choose between popular configurations or work with us to design a custom layout that’s perfect for your space.


Picture perfect displays, every time.

Popular I-Design Models

The “X-Display”

This inventive display is shaped like an “X” and allows for one door with four windows branching from the door frame. This display is a perfect solution to see both the windows and door in action, creating a cohesive unit that exhibits your remarkable artistry. 


The “Y-Display”

The adequately named “Y-Display” features three windows in a compact “Y” configuration. Through this multi-product display, you can advertise multiple designs that embody your company’s standards.

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The Advantage of Multi-Product Store Display Systems

When you choose to advertise your products with our multi-product displays, you are establishing a captivating scene that will seize the attention of any customer. With DAC Products, you can count on beautifully made display supplies made with care and personalized attention. By creating a vessel for all of your products to shine, we’re ensuring that your business will build an enthralled clientele that appreciates your products as much as we do.