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Top Four Store Display Fixtures for Any Retail Space

Published by DAC Products on October 4, 2021 10:00 am

As a business owner, you manage many different aspects of your company every day. While juggling those many responsibilities, one of the most important things to consider is your customers’ experience in your retail space! It’s easy to get swept away in the typical day-to-day operations, but the heart of every business is driven by securing customer sales and developing relationships with them!

While there are many aspects of customer service and experiences to consider as a business owner, there’s one essential element that can make or break your customer’s impression of your business and experience shopping – your store display fixtures.

Store display fixtures are multi-functional items that go beyond ordinary displays. They are highly functional features of your retail space that can enhance customer experiences and your sales. If you’re ready to take your retail space to the next level but aren’t sure which store display fixtures are right for your space, DAC Products has the answers you need below.

What are Store Display Fixtures?


While we define displays and fixtures separately, and most retail displays and fixtures are different from one another, there are several types of fixtures that are multi-functional for your business. These fixtures are known as display fixtures. They’re fully functional and have a purpose; however, they can still display products and share information! Unlike most retail fixtures that are a place for customer transactions, store display fixtures are great for building relationships with customers. These retail fixtures are usually a point of contact between customers and sales associates. The customers can shop independently but rely on your team for support as needed.

Store display fixtures add depth to your retail space, and create additional opportunities for your team to interact with customers! These multifaceted store displays are ideal for any retail space, especially when they’re combined with traditional product displays and retail fixtures. If you’re looking to enhance your retail space, keep reading to see which customer-friendly retail store display fixtures are best for your showroom or retail floor.

The Best Store Display Fixtures for Every Space


Now that we’ve discussed what display fixtures are, it’s time to dive into the best store display fixtures for your space! While there are many display fixtures to choose from, we’ve rounded up our top picks that work for any industry and every space.

Display Cases and Showcase Counters

When interacting with customers, nothing gets the job done like a display case or showcase countertop. Display cases and showcases highlight your products and encourage customers to interact with sales associates as needed.

Display cases and showcase counters are more than ordinary store display fixtures – they also maximize your retail space. With a multi-purpose fixture on your showroom floor, you can have plenty of room for additional displays or fixtures throughout your space. They’re great for showcasing products, entertaining customers with store activities, adding a layer of security to store items, protecting fragile items from damage, and more! These store display fixtures come in various shapes and sizes, so that you can choose the perfect fit for your retail space. At DAC Products, our team can customize your display cases and showcase counters to fit your space and product needs – simply contact us to learn more!


Pedestals are unique display fixtures that draw your customers’ attention to one or two specific products. These are freestanding displays that usually have a great balance of graphics and information included in the design. For example, types of automotive parts or building materials are ideal for pedestals! These store display fixtures prove to be incredibly versatile and work well in storefronts, store windows, and store aisles. They’re also incredibly visually appealing, so customers are drawn in by this initial fixture and have more opportunities to browse your merchandise afterward!

Informational Kiosks

Educating customers during their shopping experience is very helpful for you and them! Curious why? Because the more your customers understand your product, the more confident they are purchasing it. By including educational display fixtures in your storefront, customers can remain independent in their buyer’s journey until they need a sales associate!

If you’re looking for a display fixture to help your customers during their shopping experience, then an informational kiosk is right for your storefront. Informational kiosks are store display fixtures that educate customers on your product, store policies, store services, events, and more! These store display fixtures are incredibly versatile within your retail store or store space. A store that offers additional knowledge for customers is ideal for your business – plus, you can earn your customer’s trust quickly by providing them with informative resources!

Informational kiosks are store display fixtures that provide customers with helpful facts, whether that’s step-by-step instructions on how to use store equipment or store products or explaining the origins of the product. These store display fixtures also introduce store policies and procedures so customers feel informed, comfortable and satisfied! This store display fixture works well in retail settings where there are demonstrations of store equipment/products and store services.

Custom Store Display Fixtures

Sometimes, the best store display fixtures are ones that speak to your exact vision. After all, only you understand the needs of your customer! That’s why DAC Products offers our customers more than just standard display fixtures and retail fixtures. We offer personalized services that help our customers get the display fixtures they need to generate sales and engage with their customers! We care as much about your customers as you do, which is why our team is dedicated to helping bring your display vision to life.


Create Custom Store Display Fixtures with DAC


At DAC Products, we’re more than display and fixture manufacturers – we’re a team of experienced individuals who make it our mission to create innovative designs for our customers. We understand running a business can be stressful. That’s why it’s our job to create the innovative product displays, store displays, and display fixtures you need. Our designs range from window and door displays to retail fixtures – with our team, the sky’s the limit for what you can achieve.

When it comes to creating your store display fixtures, our team is experienced in creating the most innovative store displays that will keep your customers engaged and on-brand! We offer custom design services so you can create custom store displays. These customized store fixtures are great for engaging with customers and making your retail space or showroom the space you’ve always wanted! If you’re ready to work with experienced professionals who care about your success and are willing to go the distance, then it’s time to work with DAC Products! No matter the size or scope of your project, we’re ready to bring your creative dream to life!


To learn more about our unique creative process, take the time to review our approach and download our display and fixture catalogs!