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Top Five Tips for Creating Innovative Retail Merchandising Displays

Published by DAC Products on September 29, 2021 10:00 am

Over the last year or so, in-person shopping experiences have become even more valuable to your business and customers because it allows them to interact with your product in a way online shopping cannot. Because your customers are excited to come and experience shopping within your storefront, it’s more important than ever to have highly innovative retail merchandising displays that engage them instantly.

If you’re searching for a more engaging way to display your merchandise, know you’re not alone. As retail display manufacturers, DAC Products understands how important it is to keep your retail displays creative and engaging for your customers. That’s why we’ve rounded up our top retail merchandising displays, so your customers have the best retail experience, and you find the best display ideas for your business.


What is A Retail Display?


Before we dive into our retail merchandising display tips, first, we must understand exactly what a retail display is, so you understand the difference between retail displays and fixtures. At DAC Products, we define a display as something that showcases a product. The purpose of a display’s design is to promote brand awareness, enforce your business’s message, and encourage customer sales. Therefore, a retail display is designed to do all these things, however, the design is catered towards the retail industry. The world of retail is vast – there are many different types of retail displays to choose from, depending on your industry. From brick and mortar stores to chain retailers, the possibilities are endless when creating retail displays.

The goal of a retail display is to promote your product; however, many retail displays are multi-purposed. They can also educate customers about your product and direct their attention towards other products within your storefront.

An engaging retail store display is key for communicating with customers, so if you are ready to change the way your customers view your products, then it’s time to invest in innovative retail merchandising displays.


Common Types of Retail Displays


No matter your industry, several types of retail displays are highly popular in various retail environments because of how they look and present your products. Product exposure is essential, especially for high-volume products that are popular among customers. Before we dive into how you can create innovative retail displays, let’s first discuss the most common types of displays.


Display Tables

While you probably already have one or two of these in your storefront, display tables are among the best displays in retail stores for several reasons. Not only do they increase sales – they have the unique ability to make product placement diverse and unique. Changing display tables and display cases frequently also encourage shoppers to notice new inventory throughout your store and helps create contrast in your displays.

If you own a retail store and want to diversify your storefront, display tables are one of the best ways to display your merchandise and encourage sales.


Free Standing Displays

Freestanding displays are one of the best ways to engage with customers and create an inviting environment throughout your storefront. Freestanding displays can vary depending on your industry. For clothing retailers, garment racks, freestanding adjustable shelves, and store mannequins are very popular because they showcase merchandise easily and throughout your storefront. For more niched industries like window and door retailers, freestanding column or multi-product displays showcase multiple types of products to a customer while they browse your showroom. Whether you have clothing racks or multi-product displays, nothing helps drive sales quite like a freestanding display.


Informational Kiosks

While these might not showcase all of your products, informational kiosks are informative and educational retail displays designed to help promote store merchandising and retail product knowledge. Informational retail displays are often interactive, and retail customers find them extremely useful. For example, many chain stores use an informational retail display to show shoppers the different types of products located throughout their storefront and how they can purchase these products.

An informative retail display is one of the best retail merchandising tools available for retail stores and can help communicate with retail customers while not taking up display space.


Top Tips for Creating Innovative Retail Merchandising Displays


A key aspect of creating innovative retail merchandising displays is to think outside the typical retail box. Retail displays should be functional yet not detract from your product or retail space. In addition to being functional, retail displays must also communicate with retail customers and entice them to make a sale! However, there is far more to visual merchandising than what meets the eye, so it’s smart to consider specific product lines and what works best for your industry.

Without further ado, here are five top tips on how you can create innovative retail merchandising displays!

1. Consider the Customer

Before creating displays, you must first consider your customers’ needs and what retail displays will work best with their shopping experience. How do your retail displays communicate with customers? What makes the most visual sense for their shopping experience, and how will your displays impact the store brand’s image? This is an important aspect of retail merchandising to consider, especially if you want to drive sales throughout your retail storefront. Without thinking about your customers’ needs, you’re going to alienate them before you make a sale! As a retailer, creating functional retail displays, yet not detract from retail merchandise, is necessary to communicate with retail customers.

2. Think About the Flow of Your Store

Before your customers actually have time to browse through your products and display features, they first have to familiarize themselves with your storefront! Having incredible products only does so much if the store doesn’t make a lasting impression. Be sure to consider the layout of your storefront before you set up your displays. Once retail customers have had a chance to browse through your retail space, they’ll know if your retail store is right for them or not. Visual merchandising displays can help create a positive and lasting impression, providing retail customers with an experience that will keep them coming back for more!

Products need retail space to get noticed by retail customers, so it’s important to think smartly about your retail space when creating retail merchandising displays. If you have the product space available – use it!

3. Implement Cross-Selling

While high-performing products should always be a focus of your business, cross-selling is key to keeping customers interested in what you’re selling! Not only does cross-selling keep retail customers interested in retail products, but it can also help drive up retail sales! Sometimes displaying only one product per display can lose customer interest.

Retailers who sell multiple retail product lines should implement retail merchandising displays that feature more than one product. Not only do you have a wide range of products to showcase – you’ll also encourage shoppers to make additional purchases! Cross-selling retail products can be as simple as including a small sign with the retail price and description of the other items retail customers might be interested in purchasing.

4. Showcase Your Business’s Brand

The most important aspect of any retail merchandise display is how well it incorporates your business’s brand. Without a cohesive message and unified appearance, it will be difficult for retail customers to identify with retail merchandise or retail displays. Good retail merchandising displays showcase your business’s brand and create a clear message that retail customers can understand and appreciate – making it much easier for them to make an educated purchasing decision.

5. Take Color and Lighting Into Account

While it might not be at the forefront of your mind, having a pleasing color scheme and plenty of lighting is essential for any great store! Retail customers’ first impression of retail displays is often based on the color scheme of retail merchandising displays. Retailers should implement retail merchandising displays that have a cohesive appearance and highlight retail products in unique ways. Lighting also plays an important role in every retail store. Without the right amount of natural lighting or even spotlights on your products, your customers won’t have a natural place where their eye is drawn. Retailers who want to take advantage of retail lighting fixtures have a wide range of options available to them, including retail display lighting.


Choose DAC Products to Create Retail Merchandising Displays


At DAC Products, we understand how important it is to create a welcoming sales space that showcases your products. While retail merchandising displays are essential to retail store success, it can be challenging to know which product displays are best for your needs! That’s why it’s smart to choose DAC products for all your retail display needs! With everything from retail fixtures and store fixtures to product displays, we can create a customized display that reflects your brands and keeps customers engaged while they’re on your sales floor. If you’re ready to improve your retail merchandising displayscontact us for more information!


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