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How to Create Engaging Retail Store Displays

Published by DAC Products on August 22, 2021 10:00 am

It’s no secret that creating engaging retail store displays is essential for running a successful business and having repeat customers! No matter how many sales, promotions, or fantastic services you provide, displaying store merchandise in creative and engaging ways is essential for keeping customers interested in your products. Without the right exposure, traffic, and visual appeal, they might take one glance and lose interest quickly.

The retail industry has gone through a lot of changes over the last few years. It’s not all about making sales anymore; it’s also about keeping customers interested in your retail store and products. Staging engaging retail displays can help drive sales in every season of business. That’s why it’s essential to stage your retail displays in a way that appeals to your customers!

If you’re looking for a way to build engaging retail store displays, DAC Products is here to assist. As retail display manufacturers, we understand how difficult it can be to create attractive visual displays. That’s why we’re discussing what makes a great store display, essential tips for improving retail store displays, and how to showcase items in your storefront.


What Makes a Great Retail Store Display?

While retail store displays are found everywhere, a few distinct differences divide a good display from a great display. No matter how many racks, shelving, or display tables your store has, there are a few things that can take your display to the next level. If you are uncertain what changes an ordinary retail store display into something great, we’ve rounded up the top three tips that can help take your store display to the next level.


Prioritizing Customer Favorites

If you already have a few best-selling products that customers keep buying, it’s time to add these to your retail store displays! Popular products shouldn’t be hidden behind a corner or in the back of your retail display. Instead, showcase these items in a front-facing retail display where customers can see and easily access them.

Keeping customer favorites in mind shows that you care about their opinion and keep restocking popular products! Also, using customer favorites in your retail displays is a way to help promote a newer or similar product. Blending the two on a media wall or open shelving and comparing the two products keeps sales consistent for old favorites but can encourage sales for newer inventory! It’s all about highlighting what the customers care about while keeping things engaging.


Being Consistent

All customers enjoy visual displays, but there’s something more engaging about uniform, consistent displays that truly showcase the integrity of your work. While customers want to see variety throughout your storefront, that doesn’t mean they want to see disorganized displays that are changed infrequently throughout the year.

When in doubt, keeping your retail displays consistent and on a schedule is going to help keep your customers engaged and interested in what you’re selling. Start by grouping together like items on the shelves in an organized manner. Whether it’s rows, small clusters, or other formats that work for your displays, consistency is key for creating a great retail store display.

A retail display that is well-organized and professionally designed will help customers better understand and see your retail products in the long run, so be sure to take the time to plan your displays and change them out monthly or seasonally!


A Variety of Products

One retail display doesn’t fit every product, so it’s essential to include various merchandise throughout your displays. Keeping popular favorites or new releases in the front of your store or showroom is a great way to get customers in the door, but it’s usually not enough to keep them around.

Including several different products throughout your displays keeps customers invested in your retail store and products. Be sure to include relevant tips, graphics, and other helpful information near your products if customers want to learn more!

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Tips for Creating Engaging Product Displays




Don’t make retail store displays too complex or distracting – otherwise, they’re going to steal the spotlight from your products. Eventually, if you start creating complicated displays, it’s too visually overwhelming, and customers won’t know where to look. Highlighting one more oversized item or two or three smaller products makes the retail display easier to see, so customers aren’t visually overwhelmed at first glance.

That’s what retail store displays are all about – giving your retail products the right amount of exposure and piquing interest from customers in the retail environment. That said, it is essential to keep your retail store displays straightforward for customers! At DAC Products, our team can help you create retail store displays that will make your customers take notice instantly!


2. Easy Visuals

Retail store displays can be very versatile. In most cases, you can customize retail store displays as much as possible. Yet, it’s essential to make your retail displays easy to spot in the storefront. After all, the goal is to highlight a few of your retail items on each display so customers will want to buy them! Making the visual display easy to digest is key to highlighting those best sellers.

Some of the best visual retail displays are media walls, display cases, racks, or open shelving that showcase everything. Group together like items, and think carefully about what the eye is drawn to – one showstopping item can get them engaged. Still, the others on display are essential for making a dynamic and complete retail store display.


3. Inviting Colors and Themes

Creating retail store displays with inviting colors and themes is crucial because it provides another way for the eye to find your retail products. Appropriate colored backdrops can help your products stand out from the shelves or tables, especially if they’re black or neutral. Even including photos of your items in use near the display can be incredibly helpful!

Retail product displays make it easier for you to showcase retail items, but creating the right environment is key to your success.


4. Clarity and Direction

No retail store display is complete without a bit of direction. For that reason, it’s important to have informational cards, graphics, or other information on your retail displays smoothly, so they know all about your products! Otherwise, they might become lost while they shop or unable to research on their own before approaching an employee for guidance.

Ultimately retail store displays have to be clear, concise, and simple enough for customers to follow along. Without providing clarity and direction, you may miss out on a sale or two!


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Create Amazing Retail Store Displays and Fixtures with DAC Products

Retail store displays continue to be one of the most important ways businesses can grow and earn new revenue. That’s why it’s essential to have the right retail store displays throughout your store. At DAC Products, we offer retail displays and fixtures that don’t simply excite your customers – they’ll keep them coming back for more! Our one-of-a-kind displays can be customized with our graphic services, so your products will consistently stand out.



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