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The Best Store Fixtures for Your Space | DAC Products

Published by DAC Products on July 23, 2021 10:00 am

Organizing your retail space can be a difficult task. How do you decide which store fixtures will best optimize your sales process and promote your products with so many options available? Retail store display fixtures provide security, organization, and customer service to stores. With the right fixtures, you can make the most of your space and develop strategies that increase profit. DAC Products produces an array of fixtures that will encourage sales and create a dazzling sales floor.

Retail store fixtures are intentional pieces of furniture that perform specific functions to enhance your space. This may include counters, showcases, and other installations that will support your business. Your industry and product type will determine the fixtures you choose. Whether you’re in an office space or retail store, DAC Products offers the fixtures you need to succeed.

Here are the best store fixtures that will transform your space.




Showcases are display fixtures that highlight products and make them more attractive to prospective buyers. You may want to consider adding an interactive showcase where customers can try out products or interact with your brand through visual or audio cues. Showcases are also helpful in managing your supply by keeping track of small items, effectively cutting costs and labor during your annual inventory.

Valuable or delicate items are usually displayed in these cases where employees can better monitor access and ensure security. Although no one wants to make customers feel untrustworthy, shoplifting is an unfortunate reality. Glass showcases are a perfect solution that deters theft and encourages customers to evaluate merchandise. Electronics, small items, and breakables are great options to display.

Sales Desks

Sales desks come in various options, such as flat desks, ledged desks, and closing tables. Although their primary function is to handle customer transactions, they also serve as a meeting point for customers to ask for help and develop connections. It’s essential for these desks to be efficient and include tools to help knowledgeable employees make sales.


Cash Wraps

Cash wraps can be another dynamic fixture that facilitates customer relationships and provides a place to purchase products and engage with employees. Creating comfortability and the option to ask questions is a great way to nurture an individualized customer experience. Depending on the layout of your space, a cash wrap might be a better option for your store.


Sales Counters

Sales counters are yet another design that will encourage customer engagement. Are you sensing a trend? The more avenues customers have to talk to employees, get to know your company, and make easy transactions, the better. Sales counters include transaction counters, storage counters, and showcase counters, making this fixture genuinely versatile.



If you’re looking for a centralized store fixture that you can place anywhere in the store, islands are a great option. Islands can be used as a place for customer interaction or additional inventory storage. Whether you’re in the automotive field, medical field, or other retail businesses, an island is a perfect way to let customers know you’re available and ready to assist them.


Media Walls

If you’re in the electronics business, media walls are essential to display your products. A fixture is needed to help electronic displays look clean and organized, considering all of the plugs and wires involved in showing televisions and other appliances. When selling televisions, you want to make sure customers can easily see the difference in picture quality.

Media walls can be configured to work in your space and better communicate your product’s features to customers. DAC Products designs quality media fixtures that will help your electronics shine.


Storage Cabinets

You can never have too much functional storage in your business. Cabinets are perfect for storing inventory, merchandise, office supplies, documents, or other items that employees can access. Suppose you want to make your store fixtures and supplies a design element that adds to your space. In that case, DAC Products can design storage cabinets that are perfect for your establishment.

Filing cabinets are also fixtures that are essential for office spaces to keep your documents and information safe. To be successful, you need to be organized and know where to find critical information.


Pedestals are great tools in the automotive industry and other fields to showcase products. Additionally, graphics, signage, and branding can be incorporated into DAC’s design to advertise your business better. Pedestals will make your products easy to locate and see as customers navigate the store.


Office Desks

Any good business can’t be successful without employees. Office desks can help ensure employees have a productive place to work and interact with customers and colleagues. These desks can also be used for returns and customer service, providing a space for employees and customers alike.



Informational kiosks are excellent store fixtures that operate as customer service locations that educate customers. Kiosks can be loaded with information so customers can find helpful information regardless of employee availability.

Gaming kiosks are an innovative way to keep customers entertained as they’re waiting for services. Having a centralized place where shoppers can obtain knowledge about your company is vital to building trusting relationships with the public.

Self-Service digital kiosks are a way for businesses to facilitate trust with customers as they complete their transactions. The store fixtures require less staffing and can increase check-out speeds. Kiosks are multi-functional store fixtures that can help your business thrive.


Wall-Mount Cabinets

Wall-mount cabinets are a first-rate option for stores looking to save space and upgrade their storage options. The fantastic benefit these cabinets hold is their flexibility—they can be installed behind desks, in storerooms, or any open wall available. The extra space you gain can be used for additional store fixtures, displays, and merchandise on the sales floor.


Trade Show Store Fixtures

If you take your products to trade shows and display your goods on the go, you may need specialized fixtures that are easy to transport and set up. For example, rolling fixtures or foldable items are helpful while traveling. DAC Products can transform your fixtures into adaptable designs you can take on the road. By browsing our fixture catalog, you can better understand the display supplies we specialize in.


Why Are Store Fixtures Important?

Store fixtures are an essential part of a business function. They provide themes, signage, and functional purpose for storing and displaying supplies. Without custom retail store fixtures, your store could look chaotic and undesirable to clientele. The more interactive your store elements are, the better your personalized customer experience will be.

Fixtures provide a streamlined experience for customers and allow them to interact with your merchandise and quickly locate what they’re seeking. Furthermore, business owners can use fixtures to showcase new or flashy products to increase sales and share their brand’s message. Strive to tell a story through your fixtures. Arranging your display to tell a story will help customers visualize how your brand will improve their lives.



If you’re ready to design a business space and implement store fixtures, DAC Products is prepared to assist you in creating the perfect space to tell your business’ story. No matter the size or scope of your project, DAC Products can manufacture handcrafted retail store display fixtures that will enhance your store’s performance. Contact us for a quote today!