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The Difference Between Retail Displays and Fixtures

Published by DAC Products on June 28, 2021 10:00 am

If you’re in the retail business, you know how hard it can be to catch a customer’s eye. Whatever your product or market is, creating a compelling customer experience is essential to succeed. If your store doesn’t offer something unique and valuable, you’re not going to make a sale – that’s why retail displays and fixtures play an essential role in your customer’s journey.

People want to see what they’re buying and imagine how products will improve their lives. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful vessel to display your handcrafted window or need a display that showcases your best merchandise, DAC Products will tailor retail fixtures and displays to your needs.

But how do you know what retail display design is right for you? Below, we’ll explore the difference between retail displays and fixtures and how they’ll help your business thrive.



Retail Store Displays


Here at DAC, a display is defined as something that showcases a product. Displays promote brand awareness, enforce your business’ message, and encourage sales. Displays can be multidimensional, interactive, or simple—you need only customize them to your needs!

Effective displays for products will communicate your business brand using logos, product information, or any other branding you may want to be included. DAC Products specializes in building retail display designs that will take your product to the next level and let customers experience a piece of home while shopping.


Window Displays

By using window displays, you can assure customers that you possess quality work worth investing in. These product displays allow customers to interact with your windows and visualize how they’ll fit in their own space.

Usual window display types include:

  • Rolling Displays
  • Stationary window stands
  • Column and Wall Systems
  • Customizable Displays


Door Displays

If you’re looking for a way to showcase doors with integrity, DAC has you covered with door displays and display racks that are compatible with your space. Upon glancing at these displays, customers will know why your product is the best option.

Standard door displays include:

  • Entry Door Columns
  • Patio Door Columns
  • Door Slab Stand and Racks
  • Rolling Door Displays
  • Column and Wall Systems.

Multi-Product Displays

Multi-product displays are a specialty at DAC. These versatile displays allow you to show both windows and doors in a seamless presentation.

Showroom Displays

If your place of business requires a showroom, you’re in luck. Enchant your customers with a “showstopper” design handcrafted to highlight your product.

Custom Retail Displays

Suppose these options don’t fit your product, no worries! DAC is ready to customize a display that will captivate and engage your customers.

Retail Fixtures

Fixtures are a product with a purpose. Retail store fixtures should be functional and enhance your space with intent. Fixtures are incredibly versatile and can perform many different functions throughout a retail space, from showcasing products to engaging with customers.

The following are examples of retail store fixtures that will enhance your customer experience.

Sales Counters

Usually, sales counters are the location where clients make transactions and interact with employees. They can also store additional products and supplies. Some examples of types of sales counters include:

  • Transaction Counters
  • Storage Counters
  • Showcase Counters

Cash Wraps

Cash wraps are a dynamic feature perfect for customers to ask questions, make a purchase, or learn more about your company.



Showcases are ideal fixtures for highlighting products and safeguarding products such as electronics that need to be secured.


Islands are an excellent option for retail establishments to promote products and serve as a contact point between employees and clients.

Sales Desks

Sales desks come in a variety of styles that best allow employees to assist customers and complete transactions. We offer the following desk styles (along with the option to customize) to meet your needs:

  • Flat Desks
  • Ledged Desks
  • Closing Tables

Storage Cabinets

All businesses need a storage area where employees can easily access supplies and overstock, and storage cabinets can perform this function with style.

Media Walls

If you need to showcase electronic products, media walls are a perfect option to display televisions, game systems, and more. These dynamic fixtures can be configured anywhere in your space to offer the best display capabilities.


If you’re in the automotive industry, pedestals are perfect for accentuating tires. Graphics, signage, and branding can easily be incorporated into the fixture by the manufacturer to create a diverse, long-lasting product.

Whether you require desks that will help you engage your customers or showcases that will help highlight specific products, DAC will create a fixture that allows your store to feature your unique products and attract customers. If you would like to explore our full range of options, check out our Fixture Catalogs.

The Benefits of Retail Displays and Fixtures 

Now that you know the difference between retail displays and fixtures let’s explore the benefits they can offer your business.

Increase Your Profits 

An effective retail display will capture the public’s interest and convince people to buy your products. Fixtures may communicate sales or product details to help customers find their way to the register. Additionally, good displays can reduce labor costs by enabling inventory control and shelf stocking.

Store Security and Display Placement

Retailers can use displays to guide customers through the store and highlight targeted products. Additionally, displays with precious items can be placed in areas that help employees monitor situations such as theft.

Product Promotion

Retail display designs allow you to implement advertising techniques that help customers interact with your product and decide. Not only do they house your product, but they also translate your company’s personality and purpose—building brand awareness. Using a custom display manufacturer like DAC Products allows retailers to create the ambiance they seek and facilitate a personalized customer experience.

The DAC Approach for Bringing Your Vision to Life

When you work with DAC, you can always expect complete transparency. Customer input is valued at every stage of the design process, and you can expect the following during your display and fixture manufacturing process:

  • Our team only creates displays that match your vision, ranging from standard to fully custom displays.
  • Once you share your display idea, our team will craft your concept and share the design.
  • After receiving approval, our team moves forward with the manufacturing process.
  • Our team can manufacture bulk orders, so we can create as many displays as you’d like.
  • We believe your products already speak for themselves – we’re just here to get the conversation started.

The Bottom Line of Retail Displays and Fixtures

The possibilities are endless with retail displays and fixtures. The only limitation is your imagination when creating displays that will engage and delight your customers. By investing in retail designs built with your specifications, you create a distinctive experience for the consumer to encourage them to come back again and again.

Retail displays and fixtures offer multiple benefits for customers and business owners alike. If you want your business to stand out amongst the crowd, you need to give consumers an experience that’s smooth, interesting, and interactive. When looking for a retail product, you want to find a manufacturer that you can trust to fulfill your vision and deliver quality, and that’s why DAC Products is here to help. Contact DAC Products with any questions you may have about retail displays and fixtures. We’re happy to help you conceptualize your vision!



At DAC Products, we value transparency and seek to supply customers with the ability to tell their business stories through our tailor-made products. If you would like to get started with your retail design products, request a quote today!