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How to Enhance Showroom Displays | DAC Products

Published by DAC Products on July 20, 2021 10:00 am

Creating a beautiful showroom display is the first step toward cultivating a company image that will show your customers what you sell and how they will benefit from your services. When you’re selling products, your displays need to speak for you—easing the procedure and optimizing your sales process.

As a custom display manufacturer, DAC Products believes in creating retail display designs that will complement your retail items and generate sales. Your display options are limitless, and you may be wondering where to start. Here are our top tips for enhancing your showroom displays and improving your product’s appeal.



Build Flexible Showroom Displays

It’s important to change up your displays frequently to keep your store from seeming stale. Changing your showroom displays each month will help ensure your storefront stays relevant. You may want to change and move displays when new merchandise arrives. With this strategy, you can attract new customers by highlighting the products you want to push. By purchasing a flexible display for products, you can use it for multiple items and maneuver it to suit your needs.

Use Window Displays to Draw Customers in

No matter the size, a unique window display will grab customer attention and draw them into your store. Depending on your store’s personality, you can be creative with art, signs, colors, and themes that will guide people into your showroom. The more creative you are with your themes, the better.

Light Up Your Retail Display Design

Above all, customers should be able to see your products. Lighting is essential, especially if your display is located in a darker part of the store. If you’re unable to use light from above, you can incorporate lights into your showroom display. You can use lighting to your advantage by highlighting focal points and manipulating the tone of the display.

Here are some of the ways you can use lighting to enhance your showroom display:

  • Play with the color of the lighting to set the mood.
  • Use specialized accent lighting
  • Use lighting for contrast
  • Consider diffuse lighting

Lighting can influence customer mood and showcase your products in a “better light.”

Create Displays With A Theme

You should group your merchandise thoughtfully to create a cohesive display for products. You may want to group similar items so that customers can locate additional merchandise associated with the central theme. For example, if you have a tire display, you’ll want to include other valuable items such as a tire pressure gauge, etc.

Grouping products together by theme or color can give customers ideas on giving as gifts or embracing a particular lifestyle. Your displays should provide customers with a new perspective and show them the possibilities of their purchase. For example, during holidays, you can arrange items to include gift ideas or support a theme.

Employ Moveable Showroom Displays 

Moveable displays are not only flexible, but they’re also interactive. This may mean displaying furniture with multiple sides and the ability to turn, or they’re easy to move to another location. Regardless, moveable displays are sure to help rejuvenate your displays for products and make them more accessible to shoppers. DAC Products offers handcrafted rolling displays for windows, doors, and multi-product displays if you’re looking for versatile displays that can easily be transported.

Product Placement is Key

Find a prominent place in your store to showcase your new, expensive products on a multi-level display. Customer interaction with your product is always good, so make sure they can pick up items to examine without destroying your gorgeous displays. Encourage customers to feel comfortable interacting with your products, but be prepared to clean up frequently. Additionally, place taller, notable items in the middle as focal points. By creating a pyramid structure, you can draw customer eyes to the desired merchandise.

Include Price Tags

No one likes to ask how much a product is. Ensure that you include price tags on everything on your showroom displays to help customers pick out items and make decisions. You don’t want people to stop and overthink their purchase—they could change their minds!

Communicate A Story

Throughout your store, you can tell a story and create a common theme through displays and signage. Your messages should be prompt, clear, and easy to see. Using a standard font and letter size, you can reinforce your company’s brand and create a unique buying experience. Showroom displays play a huge role in telling your story, which is why DAC Products works diligently to help you communicate your distinctive message.

Implement The Rule of Three

When grouping items, it’s beneficial to arrange them in groups of three. It’s well known that humans best remember things in threes, and it will help cement your products in the customer’s mind. The order of the objects is pivotal for the rule of three. You may arrange them from smallest to largest or cheapest to most expensive. Including a sorting system in your design will help avoid confusion and expedite the buying process.

People tend to pay more attention to asymmetrical designs that are out of the ordinary. Designs that stick out will help customers understand your product options and locate what they want to buy.


How are customers supposed to educate themselves on sales, merchandise, and prices? Signs are an integral part of showroom displays. They communicate your brand, message, and story to potential clients. Soft signage (graphics printed on fabric) might be a good option for your displays due to its convenient assembly and storage. You can also light up these signs with LED lighting to save energy. Additionally, signs are perfect for window displays to lure customers to the showroom. DAC Products is happy to incorporate signage into your unique displays.

Showroom Displays: Wrapping It Up

When amplifying your retail display designs, communicating your story to customers is the best way to include them in the process and individualize their experience. Themes, signs, and branding are all ways you can help your company stand out from the competition. Don’t be afraid to draw inspiration for others. Keep tabs on what’s working elsewhere and emulate successful strategies.

Using a custom display manufacturer will ensure your showroom displays transform your space into an exceptional vessel for your customers to access your products. With the proper display and furniture to house your goods, you can streamline shopping for customers and highlight the best you have to offer. Visual cues are the best way to advertise your wares and create a unique buyer’s journey that will keep them coming back for more.



DAC Products is ready to tell your story through our fantastic, handcrafted showroom displays. Not only do we supply showroom displays, but we also assist with layouts, graphics, signage, and other logistics to bring your vision to life. Check out our catalogs for displays that will get your products to the next level.